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About us


Founded in 2004, THE THERMOGRAPHY CENTER OF CANADA is a company that specializes in the accurate detection and targeting of thermal anomalies in a building without having to open the walls, floor or roof. We are mandated for projects such as thermographic inspections, civil engineering inspections, environmental inspections, insurance verifications, pre-purchase building inspections and we offer training in ultraviolet thermography. We can travel anywhere in Canada. We are accredited with the necessary certifications for the proper conduct of your project and we are equipped with the best equipment in the industry.

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Water infiltration

We perform technical inspections to determine the condition of the insulation and the cause of the water infiltration.

Heat Loss

Using a high performance field camera or mounted on a drone, we can see air infiltration and exfiltration. We analyze your heat loss.

Insurance Claims

Research of water damage. We have the ability to find answers about the exact extent of your damage, the age and the actual cause of the damage.


Our inspections allow us to define the deterioration or the presence of breakage in a roof or the siding of a building. We can document precise information on the condition of structures that are difficult or sometimes impossible to access.


Our expertise can in some situations bring an important benefit on your industrial installation. By minimizing the use of heating by targeting areas of heat loss, defining the condition of wooden or concrete structures as well as the gas of high performance windows.

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