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Foundation problems

Unseen water infiltration will cause damage over time. Water leaks will damage your roof, floors, foundations, insolation and create moisture in your home, appartement or condo. These water infiltrations and water leaks are sometimes overlooked by plumbers and contractors.

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Structural anomalies

Contaminated insulation can pose a significant health risk. This not only contaminates the insulation and the air with harmful pollutants, but it also severely reduces the effectiveness of the insulation. Fleas, ticks and bed bugs can all make their homes and lay their eggs inside your insulation.

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Leaky roofs

A high electric bill can mean you have a heat loss problem. Being able to identify the cause of the heat loss will allow you to isolate, fix the heat leak and save energy. As well as making your hydro bill lower.



Water infiltration

We perform technical inspections to determine the condition of the insulation and the cause of the water infiltration.

Heat Loss

Using a high performance field camera or mounted on a drone, we can see air infiltration and exfiltration. We analyze your heat loss.

Insurance Claims

Research of water damage. We have the ability to find answers about the exact extent of your damage, the age and the actual cause of the damage.


Our inspections allow us to define the deterioration or the presence of breakage in a roof or the siding of a building. We can document precise information on the condition of structures that are difficult or sometimes impossible to access.


Our expertise can in some situations bring an important benefit on your industrial installation. By minimizing the use of heating by targeting areas of heat loss, defining the condition of wooden or concrete structures as well as the gas of high performance windows.

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Easy-to-understand reporting

Grâce à nos logiciels sophistiqués, nous offrons des rapports précis et faciles à comprendre.

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Perform only essential work

We don't make any money by recommending work to you. You can count on our experts to identify the insulation that really needs to be replaced, and thus realize significant savings on the cost of materials and labor.

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Our analysis reports by certified specialists are essential for obtaining certain grants offered by Hydro-Québec and Gaz Métro. Contact us for more information.

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