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Isolation of the roof and ceiling tiles: Inspection and materials required in Canada

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As mentioned by its name, the attic lies between the upper floor of the house and the roof which covers it. While we often use the word “attic” for the space, it differs from an attic because it is not usually used for habitability.

To refer to the same space, we sometimes hear the word “comble.” In most houses, you can get into them from an upstairs trap door. Others are accessible through an opening outside.

Sometimes it is very difficult, if not impossible, to access someone’s house. Some people may be too low (less than one meter high) while others are blocked by architectural elements. If this is the case in your home, you’ll need to hire an expert during every step of the project.

Materials used for roofing and their prices Importance of good insulation of the roof on the rest of the house Importance of the roof insulation Isolation of your roof is important because it gives you the chance to The benefits of good air circulation for indoor spaces.

What are some tips for inspecting an entree?

You should regularly check for signs of mold, so you can catch them before they become serious issues. Pay particular attention to the state of the roof. If you smell an odor of mildew, look for its source.

Check if there is any water infiltration and air leaks. If the isolation tape that protects surfaces needs to be re-applied, check for ways to put it back into place. If it has collapsed, look for a way to fix it.

Attention: if your insulation is made of vermiculite, do not touch anything! Vermiculite can contain asbestos. Call an expert inspector. Check to see if your insulation is equipped with fireproofing and a vapor barrier. Most new houses are equipped with this kind of material.

However, this isn’t possible in older buildings. If this is the case, you could ask for permission to install one but you’d need to get approval from an entrepreneur first. Sometimes, a good layer of paint on the ceiling of the last floor might be enough to fill this gap.

Improve the isolation of the entertainment

First, it’s important to know that if you’ve noticed any issues with moisture, you must absolutely fix them before adding additional insulation. This could mean an issue with the exterior surface of the roof or an issue with humidity inside some rooms of the house.

Adding an isolating layer onto the top would then mean putting a dressing onto a broken bone. Seal any air leaks. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to give any further precise advice on this matter. Each case being very different, we recommend contacting someone who can find the best solution for sealing your problematic surfaces.

(Il existe plusieurs façons de rendre la sécurité du bâtiment plus efficace. D’abord, il est possible de réduire les émissions polluantes en utilisant des produits chimiques comme les pesticides ou les insecticides. Par contre, si vous voulez éviter que votre propriétaire ne soit exposé aux dangers causés par les mouches et autres fourmis, vous pouvez faire appel à une compagnie de nettoyage professionnelle.)

Materials used for roof insulation and their prices

In order to isolate your roof, various choices are available. First, you can opt for blown polystyrene insulation which offers an R-value of 3.7 per inch thickness. One advantage of polystyrene is its ability to penetrate into every crack and crevice, giving it great effectiveness. Among its many advantages, we should also mention its low cost, fire resistance, soundproofing properties, and moisture regulation. Its application is rather difficult, so it pays to hire a professional for its placement. The average price for blown polystyrene is $1.00 per square foot.

Just like blown cellulose fiber, blown glass fiber also possesses the advantage of being able to infiltrate into all spaces of the roof. However, its level of isolation per inch is lower and only achieves 2.85 inches thick. You must know though that it provides better thermal insulation than the insulating material in batting while being fireproof and resistant to humidity. The average price of blown glass fiber is $1 per square foot.

Finally, you may choose wool fleece (glass fiber or rock wool) which has an R-value of 3.3 per square inch. Resistant to fire, humidity, mold, and mildew, it offers good energy efficiency at a reasonable price. The average cost for wool fleece is $1.20 per square foot.

There are other options available for you, among which we could mention hemp seed oil, expanded graphite, and lithium carbonate.

The importance of good roof insulation

If the roof lets air and humidity into your house, then this can affect the energy efficiency of your home. This may also have an adverse effect on people’s health if they live in a poorly insulated house. In a well-insulated house, the temperature inside should be only a few degrees above outside temperatures. This means that hot air (or cold air from the climate control system) should not circulate around the interior of the house.

Your roof isolation is extremely important, allowing you to :

  enjoy a more comfortable temperature inside your house;

  cut down on air conditioning and heating use;

  To lower your electricity bill.

Also, be sure to check that there is good airflow between the inside and outside of your house during the summer months. If you experience overheating issues during the summer and your air conditioner works hard during the summer, then it may be due to poor airflow.

What could be causing this problem? There are several potential sources for this issue, but here are some ideas: By trying so hard to keep everything nice and isolated from one another, we may inadvertently block airflow. Sometimes vents get clogged by the material used to isolate things.

Ventilation may be affected by an accumulation of dirtiness.




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